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Block Moulding were approached by Andi from legacy pilates who was looking for customised light weight signage she could hang in her pilates studio. Andi has been a pilates instructor for several years, working in a number of venues across Melbourne. Last year Andi decided it was time to open her own studio, ‘Legacy Pilates’ in Croydon.

Andi needed the lettering and logo to be large enough to be a feature on a large white wall, but also lightweight enough to hang. She also wanted to be able to integrate LED lights with the signage to really emphasize them. Block Moulding used a 120kg density Flexothane which gave the signage durability, as well as a light weight which allowed for easy manoeuvring and hanging without further bracing.

Andi Provided Block Moulding an image of what she required, which was the word LEGACY in a font of her choice and her logo. This was modelled on CAD/Solid Works and scaled to the appropriate size required. We were also able to CNC Milling Machine a rebate around the signage to allow for LED lighting to be seamlessly installed behind the lettering and logo out of site.

The letters were then painted black and hung at Legacy pilates with tremendous effect! We hope our client continue to enjoy our CNC Services!

Check out her Instagram here @legacy.pilates and contact Andi for all your pilates needs!

CNC Milling Machine | CNC Services

PU Block Moulding

Here at Block Moulding we have created a technologically advanced polyurethane we call ‘Flexothane’.

Flexothane is a low-high density urethane that provides technological advances by adopting a unique Rigid Cellular Structure that can be altered during manufacturing to create various densities which can be cut into panels in a wide range of widths, lengths and profiles.

Fast Wire Cutting

We have a number of state of the art fast wire cutting machines that can cut our Flexothane blocks into a variety of thickness panels. These can also be used to mill the Flexothane and create lagging for pipes.

Our fast wire cutting machines ensure that the panels are always perfectly, down to the millimetre, ensuring evenness across the entire panel.

CNC Machining

At Block Moulding we also have a number of CNC machines which can cut the Flexothane into almost any shape or design you require. Cut with precision accuracy our CNC machines will ensure consistency and uniformity across the board.

Whether it is big or small our machines will ensure that it is perfect, down to even the finest details.

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